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A Fresh Perspective

There is nothing like a unique space to unlock the potential of your people, or bring together a group.

We believe that spaces can be inspiring. Whether its a multi-day corporate retreat or a family reunion, we want the people attending your event to enter into a place that changes the way they think. Our modern industrial aesthetic does just that. We believe the venue makes or breaks the event. A drab conference room or your corporate board room can feel like the same ol’ same, but bringing your team off-site and into the Neon District will bring a fresh perspective and a new energy. We also host a variety of different private parties from the most memorable baby and wedding showers to the best birthday celebrations. Check out our gallery to see some of the amazing events we’ve hosted.

Make it Amazing

We believe if its worth doing, its worth making amazing. So if you’re going to have a party or corporate gathering, why not partner with the best event venue in Norfolk?


We would love to help you get one step closer to your event. We’re here to answer whatever questions you may have. Or, if you want to take a look, you can schedule a tour here.

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